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Balverk -- Friday 25 July, 2014
Whilst all around are battling,and waging wars,fighting for their kings and queens.there be some that simply be..The trusty Barkeeps,the blacksmiths,the merchants at the fayres, our new boy here can fit in seamlessly with all your fantasy needs..

Balverk is a man of age and wisdom,serving everyone that needs him, to fill those taverns and market streets with a real normal man,stout and heavy with the worlds stories on his face,whatever you need, Balverk will fuel your imaginations..

Out now, exclusively at RuntimeDNA

Happy Rendering

Andrew and Tracey
Happy Birthday Stan !!! -- Friday 25 July, 2014
It's almost Stan's 3rd birthday.

The iconic clown has proven to be a perennial favourite in Runtimes, so we've given him a couple of birthday presents, the first of which is three new faces.

Thr3e at RuntimeDNA

More presents will be following...

Happy Rendering

Andrew and Tracey
Latest News
Stanian Presents -- Monday 28 July, 2014

NEW FREEBIES : Birthday sillyness with hats and a very Stan-ish Cake.

These are up and ready for you to grab from right here on Have fun and again apologies for the delay.

Happy Stanian Rendering

Andrew and Tracey
To Arms! -- Friday 11 July, 2014
The Templars have arrived! Mortem Vetus are very proud to present this feature-packed extensive clothing set for Michael4, for you to create images of history and legend.

Included are 17 conforming clothing items for Michael4, 6 smart props, and 240 assorted MAT poses.

Exclusively at RuntimeDNA.

Happy Rendering
Andrew and Tracey
What maketh the man... -- Monday 12 May, 2014
MortemVetus is proud to bring you "Thane" for Michael4, a strong handsome chiseled male character, to take on the evilest of enemies in your Runtime

Thane's face morph is carefully crafted around his textures to give just as good a render close up as you get when set back in a scene,with a defined well formed body shape,showing off his masculinity.

Find this unique and distinctive character, exclusively at RuntimeDNA

Watch out for some updates to our freestuff here on our site...

Happy Rendering
Andrew and Tracey :)
Happy Easter -- Saturday 19 April, 2014
We'd like to wish everyone a very happy Easter, and we hope it is a safe and pleasant weekend for all. :)

Watch out over this weekend and into next week for some new additions to our freestuff. In the meantime, pick up Shelby and Rotten friends for free over at RuntimeDNA

Wishing you all an Eggcellent Easter,

Happy rendering

Andrew and Tracey
4 Years -- Saturday 05 April, 2014
Today, April 5th, is 4 years to the day since we got together. The following 4 years has been a journey of wonder and discovery in an enveloping cloud of love. It has been, and continues to be, fantastic and awesome and mind-blowing! We look forward to many more April 5th's and the journey that still lies ahead. :)

The start of April was also when we fully amalgamated into Mortem Vetus. Since then, we've inspired each other to new things, to push ever further in the pursuit of our shared vision.

To celebrate all this, we're having an Anniversary sale at RuntimeDNA, where our entire store has 50% off !!! Crammed full of dark offerings, there's plenty here for all your Dark Art. From monsters to rugged heroes, from clothing to architecture, from hair to lights, this is the Dark Side of Poser.

Always enjoy your rendering,

Andrew and Tracey
Into The Light -- Friday 14 March, 2014
Feeling as tho you need to step out of the darkness !! Then Illuminantis Libris will really brighten your day, a set of self-illuminating candles atop piles of old books.
These candles cast their own light and can be used as the sole lighting in a scene, ensuring light is being cast from the correct place and making all the right shadows. The set has 3 candlelit book piles (each with a different number of candles) 5 book piles with no candles on, to build them up a bit, a loose book for detail, and a User Guide. Leave yourself feeling enlightened and shine out in the crowd. And with St Patricks Day next week, we also have a little self illuminating 4-leaf clover tealight holder freestuff.

Exclusively at Runtime Dna

Happy Rendering
Andrew and Tracey :)
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