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Leaving Town
This is very much for my wife Tracey, the better half of MortemVetus. Not only does she inspire me on a daily basis with a wealth of wonderfulness, she also facilitates my need to make art *laughs* She is my enabler! She knew I had my eye on Faverals Medieval buildings, so for Fathers Day, she got me the lot, all the ones that I'd wanted to get. I fell off me chair when I saw it all. And this is all of it in a single scene... Medieval Construction Bundle, Docks, Inn, Shop, Barn, Blacksmith, Gatehouse. This is excellent stuff, and I shall be getting many a-render out of them. The number of included additional props is fantastic, and they're all VERY useful scene fillers for any numberof images. Yes, I am going to be using all this stuff for a long time to come. So, here's to the most epic, amazing, awesome wife a man could ever wish for. I love you Tracey wifey awesomeness, more than anything ever, forever and always. x.