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Dead Meat
Bring your M4's and V4's back to death with multiple character Injects and Skins,to create a whole Horde of Zombies for terrorizing your Runtimes this Halloween.

Each figure has its own Clothing set also,for creating Cheerleaders and goths,to Doctors and grebs,lots of texture options for these items, both have..T shirt, Converse style shoes/boots,skirt for V4 and Trousers for M4..so you need not worry what to dress them in,or just go for the naked peeled versions.

We have also included a conforming half torso for our favourite figure M4,complete with intestines dragging which do have movement morphs in..and has it's very own blood smeared drag.. These are created with fun and love for all things zombie,and although the level of gore is a little more than usual it's not meant to be exact (We do not have the resources of a peeled human to be completely exact)

All you need is your imaginations for these fun guys and ghouls to go and wreak havoc !
Happy Halloween 2014

Dead Meat, exclusively at Daz3d

The User Guide for this product can be downloaded from our User Guides Section