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SceneScapes X6 Castle Creator
Mortem Vetus are very proud to present the latest in our SceneScapes modular buildings range, the Castle Creator. This is a set of 33 modular elements for quickly and easily creating castles, or parts of castles, depending upon the requirements of your scene.

Set out on three distinct levels, this set contains:

Walls, Towers, Gatehouse, Moat, Drawbridge, Walkway. Each of these piece types have variants for each level, except the Moat and Drawbridge. The Walls and Towers have multiple variants for each level.

To get you started, we've included six pz3 scenes, as well as an HTML User Guide explaining the operation of this set.

SceneScapes X6 Castle Creator, exclusively at Daz3d

The User Guide for this product can be downloaded from our User Guides Section