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A Devilishly Unique and Complete Custom morphed Character for Michael 4 created by Brahann,with Gloriously Gory Detailed Textures created by mutedbanshee

He was a Jack-in-the-box. Sunset up, sunrise down. And repeat, forever and forever.

He was a thing in a box in a cold deep cellar. He was a container for red wines. There was no label on him, but there were little drops of red liquor upon his sleeping lips.

He was the contents of a mahogany box, in a cellar of webs and upside-down things hooked to the ceilings. He lived in a land of dripping midnight waters and soft grey web.

He was a white hand, a rouged mouth, a glass eye, a set of white teeth and a cold heart. He was a pedestrian who walked the nights. He was a sleeper with original ideas as to hours.

He was a leaf, a pelt, a flame, a wing. He was Nosfearatu, dead these hundred of years.

Co-authored product with Dave Liewald (Brahann)