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This is the story of Sawney Bean
A man who lived by the sea
With his wife and children they shared a cave
Back in the sixteenth century
Now the life this clan lived was very hard
Because food it was in short supply
So he robbed any passing travelers
Then he killed them, and I'll tell you why
You see the Bean family, they were cannibals
Human flesh was their cravings and perversions
For many years they hid in their cave
Where they butchered more than one thousand persons
But those missing travelers had kinsfolk
And soon search parties would come on the scene
Where the cave and Bean clan where discovered
It was the end for the evil Sawney Bean
So it was hung drawn and quartered for Sawney
And his wife shared a similar end
The men were cut up, the woman burned alive
A stout message the townsfolk would send
But lets travel back to four hundred years
And be careful before you condemn
Because how would you act if you lived in that cave
Do you think you could turn out like them?

Co-authored product with Dave Liewald (Brahann)