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Dr Death
Sorry...The doctor is in....sane and has a New prescription for Terror...

Ever fancied that perfect body or the face of a classic movie star ? ! ..Why not book into the clinic of Dr Death, in no time flat he'll have you just the way you should be and if you experience any discomfort or pain...Then he's doing it right !

The perfect M4 addition to your Halloween Runtimes this year and just what the doctor ordered..

Dr Deaths final diagnosis : A Terminal need to cure your Halloween Blues

Prescriptions issued : A good dose of Gruesome Halloween by rendering lots of Ghouls and Monsters

A unique full ghoulishly gruesome character,clothing and prop set for Michael 4
1 Dr Death Head Inj/Rem along with 3 different Body shape Inj/Rem's
1 Default Texture base, 4 face skin textures, 6 Body skin textures, 3 eye textures
A conforming Apron (with BodyBuilder,Bulk,Emaciated,Heavy,Thin,Superhero FBM's also many adjustment morphs)
A conforming FaceMask (with Heavy and Bulk FBM's and adjustment morphs)
A pair of conforming boots (with BodyBuilder,Bulk,Emaciated,Heavy,Superhero FBM's)
A conforming HeadMirror (with Bulk FMB) Extra texture options for each clothing item:
Apron - 5 Long Apron and 5 Short Apron options
Boots - 1 Black and 1 Bloody option
Masks - 5 options
HeadMirror - 2 options
Each prop is for the Left and Right hand and is parented into position (There are correct hand poses for each item also included)
Cleaver,Hammer,Saw,Scalpel and Syringe
All MAT poses and libraries have clearly marked thumbs for easy use.