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Old News
Happy Halloween 2017!
Happy Halloween 2017! -- 10/26/2017

Another year, another Halloween.

It's been a pretty tough couple of years for us, due to things beyond our control. So much so, that for the first time, we actually missed Halloween 2016!

We've been determined not to let that happen again, so we've been having a huge sale on our Renderosity catalogue, and there's still a few days left to bag some ghoulish goodies at a fantastic price.

And because we missed Haslloween entirely last year, we thought we'd make up for it with a massive freestuff for this year....so we've decided to release Second Sid as a free item. This was previously for sale at RuntimeDNA from 2010 to 2015, and rather than have him languish on our hard drives, we thought we'd open him up to everyone.

Included with this pack is the Second Sid figure, his Bone Wings, his props, and 115 poses to get you up and running raising a whole skellie army!

Happy Halloween
Andrew and Tracey
August! -- 08/20/2017

August is a notable month for us. It has our Wedding Anniversary and Andrews birthday, both on the same day.

This year, it's also seeing us moving another large chunk of our catalogue to Renderosity. We've got nineteen transferred items gone over, bringing our Renderosity store to 49 items now. The rest will be migrating over the remainder of the year. To celebrate all that we have happening this August, we've got a massive 60% off sale on everything we have at Renderosity so far.

This new batch of products includes all our TerraDome2 content and our Vikings theme. In addition to our lighting, props, clothing and character packs, there's a wide selection of things to delight your Runtimes. If you're looking for the darker side of Poser content, then look no further! Drop by our Renderosity store for dark and macabre content for all your horror and fantasy renders.

On a wider note, some of you will have noticed we have been remarkably quiet for the last 12 minths or more. There are reasons for this, not least that we felt our artistic integrity was being eroded. As we have said repeatedly in the past, we don't do this solely for the money, we do it because we want to create art. We have to enjoy what we create, in order to create what we enjoy. Our enjoyment of what we create has always shown in our packs and the fact that we use them time and time again in our own art. Yes, we realise this may sound naive and to a certain extent utopian, but we have principles, and we will NOT sell them out for extra profit. The two people we have to be pleased with what we make is us. If no-one else likes/wants it, that's fine...we will use what we create, because that is why we create it.

Another decision we've made recently is to return our focus solely on Poser. We tried expanding our content in DazStudio, but we didn't like it. Poser is what we know, and we have each invested over 15 years in learning it, and it's what the majority of our users want us to do. That said, it seems that because of the way we make things, they generallly do actually work very well in DazStudio, with minimal/no adjustment. We're not planning on changing the way we make things, so for now, our stuff will still work in Studio. We will not be making any further Studio specific packs. For us, Poser is best suited to making the art we want, and at the end of the day, our art is the most important thing to us. We hope Studio users understand, and like we say, all our stuff works in Studio anyway, so it's not like we're shunning anyone, we're just concentrating on the software that we prefer and use.

New freestuff is also in the pipeline and will be available here and at Renderosity. We're also going to be making a small selection of really, really old packs available as freestuff. Watch this space!

Happy rendering 2017
Andrew and Tracey
New Freestuff
New Freestuff -- 05/30/2017

We are very pleased to announce new freestuff in the form of Shadowsoul, an outfit for Michael4. This was our very first M4 outfit, and was previously sold at RDNA (2012-2015).

In comparison to later outfits we've made, this one does not have the FBM fits that we have included in almost every outfit since, but even so, we still feel it's a nice little outfit and is still very usable.

We hope you enjoy this set and get as much fun out of it as we have had since we made it.

Happy rendering
Andrew and Tracey
TerraDome3 content, TerraLuna3 and more!!! -- 10/27/2016

We started getting new content released at Daz, and first up is content for TerraDome3 DazStudio Iray Edition.

For TerraDome3, we've released two morph packs, Monumental and The Wounded Land, plus aurorae - Southern Lights.
Monumental is a set of ten very unique terrain morphs, bringing the tortured spirits of the land to life. Ginat heads, sleeping giants, skulls...they're all in this very distinct and different pack.
The Wounded Land is a set of ten morphs for the TerraDome3 AZone, featuring cracks, chasms and gouges on the face of the earth.
Southern Lights brings the majesty of the polar aurorae to life, with ten different styles of aurora to choose from.

To accompany all these, we've also released TerraLuna3, once again bringing the mysteries of the moon to your renders. With an entirely new construction, this version of TrerraLuna allows you much easier control over phasing, appearance, and even includes asetup for pale ghostly daytime moons, as well as 12 stunning HDR skies to compliment the pack perfectly.
TerraDome3 content, TerraLuna3 and more!!!
New Look, Same Us  :)
New Look, Same Us :) -- 06/15/2016

It's a new look all round!!

Welcome to the second iteration of our little dark corner. We have a new look across the site, refreshed and ready to go during a strange year so far...

We've been busier than ever so far this year. Obviously the news that RDNA and Daz were merging was huge for us. As everything we've released for the last six years has been at RDNA, it's much like moving home. That move is still in progress and will be done in it's due time.

At the same time, we've also been doing our site here. A lot of it is the same as before, just laid out differently.

One thing that's new is the ability to sign up an account. You do NOT need an account to use the site, it's only purpose at this time is an opt-in sign-up to an occasional newsletter. They won't be very often. If you don't want to get any mail from us, the site can be used as normal.

We've got 2 new freestuffs, the Stankini and the BackPack. The Stankini includes poses by IslandGirl, and is specifically for Stan's 'plump' morph. The backpack is a conforming figure for Michael4, and comes with a selection of morphs for style as well as adjustment over clothing.

We hope you enjoy the new look
Happy Rendering
Andrew and Tracey
All change!! -- 03/08/2016

As many of you will no doubt be aware, RuntimeDNA is closing it's doors. This is a very sad day for us as we've been exclusive at RuntimeDNA since 2010. Since RDNA will be merging with Daz, we will be part of that migration and will now be releasing at Daz3d.com.

The migration is in process at the moment, but as there are over a hundred merchants with more than 5000 products, it may take a little while.

We are also doing a site overhaul, which is going to see a change in the look of the site and how it's laid out.

Happy Rendering
Andrew and Tracey.
All change!!
Facial A-Hairness
Facial A-Hairness -- 01/22/2016

We're very proud to present our first pack of 2016, Facial A-Hairness.

This is a set of nine different fuzzy faced face props for Michael4. Included are four full beards, 3 goatees, and two sideburns. This set has been created to primarily compliment our various more rugged characters, and comes with over a dozen character fits, as well as some useful style morphs.

Have a look round this pack by downloading the html User Guide from our User Guides Section

Happy hairy rendering
Andrew and Tracey
New Year, New Horizons -- 01/01/2016

We'd like to wish everyone a happy, peaceful and safe New Year.This year we have some big plans afoot, the first of which is that our art is now available on clothing, cases, mugs, and a whole lot more, at our Mortem Merchandise Store.We've also got a couple of other things quietly simmering in the background, more about that when they're ready. ;)Thank you again to everyone for your support over the last year, and here's to 2016 being better than ever.
Happy 2016 rendering
Andrew and Tracey
New Year, New Horizons
Annual Sale at RuntimeDNA!
Annual Sale at RuntimeDNA! -- 11/07/2015

Time flies when you're having fun! It doesn't seem like a year, but it's that time again, the RuntimeDNA Annual Sale...we've been SO busy for the last 12 months that it's really crept up and taken us by surprise.

Save a fantastic 50% on all items up to a year old, and a massive 60% on all items over a year old! There is no better time to treat your Runtime, at prices that just have to be seen.

Visit Our Store to see what's on sale now, and check back as more stuff will be added to the sale through the month.

Happy Rendering 2015
Andrew and Tracey
Halloween 2015 - Meet Betty! -- 10/25/2015

It's our favourite time of year again, Halloween. And we've a couple of new things to delight and delect this year. :)

First out of the box was Lil Monsters, a fully featured clothing set for K4. This set comes with a baby gro that has 15 material options, plus a Sammy style hood for the horror buffs, as well as 14 head textures for K4. unleash these little devils into your runtime at your own peril!

Next up is the female counterpart to our iconic clown Stan...introducing his wife, Betty. She comes with a full default material, with 8 alternative head material options, 4 body materials, and 15 eye options. In addition, she also comes with an outfit that comprise a dress, sleeves, leggings, clown shoes and a Twisty style face mask. All the clothes come with multiple material options.

Also this Halloween, we've added a new video to our YouTube channel, featuring Stan and Betty together. Only a short one, but we had a whole lot of fun making it. We've also a new TerraDome2 video on the way, stay tuned for more details...

We've also updated our Friends 'N' Stuff section in the navigation menu which we hope makes things a little clearer to where everything goes.

Happy Halloween rendering 2015
Andrew and Tracey
Halloween 2015 - Meet Betty!