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Mortem Vetus are veryt proud to present Wizards Apprentice M4, which is a full clothing sert for Michael4, featuring seven conforming clothing items, plus 3 unique conforming staffs, with left and right variants. Included are a total of 48 material options between all the figures.

This outfit is an essential addition for your magic users wardrobe, whether Apprentice, Journeyman, or Master. While robes are all very well in the Halls of Magic, they're rather less practical for questing and adventuring. The three unique staffs included in this pack reflect each step of the wizards journey through learning magic. Since Apprentices are common and often fail spectacularly, which tends to be fatal, they only get an Apprentice Stick. If an Apprentice survives long enough, they will reach Journeyman. Because they have reached this level, they are more likely to survive longer, and as such they gwt and upgraded staff, the Journeyman Staff.

After many years of long study and rigourous training, the budding Wizard can attain the level of Master, and can claim a suitably appropriate staff. For this advanced practitioner of magicwe've included the Dragon Staff, which obviously bristles with raw magic. Each of these conforming staffs come in Left and Right versions. The Journeyman Staff and the Dragon Staff come with lights attached to them for casting more convincing magic auras.

Each of the items in this set come with a selection of alternative materials.Mix and match to get just the look you require for your magic user.
Included materials:
Belt (4)
Boots (7)
Harness (4)
Hat (9)
Satchel (5)
Satchel Belt (4)
Trousers (6)
Tunic (11)
Journeyman Staff (2)
Dragon Staff (2)

To assist with posing, we've included a number of useful hand presets, including a grasp for each of the staffs. The other hand poses are various casting configurations. Apply your favourite casting poses to Michael, then finish themn off with perfect staff grasps and assorted magic hands.

The majority of this set will work in DazStudio. However, the lights on the Journeyman Staff and the Dragon Staff will not work. Further, metallic on the Belt, Harness and Satchel items will need a DS friendly shader.
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