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SceneScapes X7 - Forsaken Halls
Dare you enter the Forsaken Halls? Can you survive the swirling shadows and the brooding echoes of ancient evil? Step into the forgotten halls of the Titans, and see what adventures await...

Mortem Vetus are very proud to present SceneScapes X7 - Forsaken Halls. This modular interior construction set is designed for creating large vaulted spaces where light and shadow play a large part. As well as being designed for large spaces, it can be used at a much more close up scale, just as well.

The set contains 17 modular construction blocks, each of which is 5m wide, by 5m deep. This means they can be positioned quickly and easily to create any size space required. All the elements join on to each other, at any rotation, just as long as they are moved in multiples of 5m.

There are also 3 variants of wall torch. FH_WallTorch is for using on elements that have walls, which is nearly all of them. This one is set up relative to the walls, and a simple rotation will place it on any wall within an element.

FH_WallTorchPillar is designed to be used around the pillars, and rotates relative to the centres of the pillars. Rotating the y axis turns the torch around a pillar to point in different directions.

FH_WallTorchX is designed to be free floating in order to be added anywhere you need. This one is set up to rotate around itself for easeof positioning.

The set comes with 5 scenes, ready to open and use, straight from your library. These scenes come with lots of elements already set up, including torches.

A html User Guide is also included to show the basic use of the Forsaken Halls set.

This pack will work in DS, however, the Poser point lights that are attched to the torch flames will NOT work in DS.
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