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Regina Mortis
In a time lost in antiquity, she was named Regina Mortis, the Queen Of Death, who collected the souls of the deceased and sent them towards their next cycle on the Wheel Of Life. She is impartial, neither good nor evil, as she is there only to collect the souls of the dead and dying, not to judge them or end their lives herself. MortemVetus is very proud to present our first foray into the world of Fantasy clothing for Victoria4, Regina Mortis. This set includes 7 conforming clothes items with a massive 198 material options, plus 2 conforming and self illuminating staff figures with a further 16 material options, as well as a set of utility poses for ease of use. Each of the 7 clothing items has 26 material options, giving a total of 198 mix-and-match options! From a pure white-and-gold, through to deepest midnight black and everything in between, there's an appropriate choice for every situation. The staffs not only conform to Victoria4's left and right hands, they also cast their own light, ensuring your character has correct illumination from her magic. With the following popular Full Body Morphs - Amazon, BodyBuilder, Bulk, Heavy, PearFigure, Thin and Voluptuous - you can craft the Regina outfit into a multitude of body styles, and further enhance customization with a wide variety of adjustment and style morphs in the dress and hood items.

-7 Conforming clothing figures
-2 Conforming and self-illuminating staffs
-26 material options for each piece of clothing
-16 material options for the staffs
-Popular FBM's on all items except Mask - Amazon, BodyBuilder, Bulk, Heavy, PearFigure, Thin, Voluptuous
-22 Hood adjustment/style morphs

-7 cr2 clothing figures
-2 cr2 staff figures
-198 material options
-All required materials and textures
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