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The Forestals
Mortem Vetus and IslandGirl are proud to present The Forestals for (M4,V4 and The Kids4). The Forestals are the manifestation of the Will of the Forest, nature transmogrified. Once, when the world was young, mighty forests covered the land, and The Forestals were plentiful. But over time, the Forests have shrunk and the few remaining Forestals now exist only in the last of the mighty Forests.

The Forestals: (.PZ2)
1 Old Oak Head INJ/REM for M4
1 Old Oak Body INJ/REM for M4
1 Tender Head INJ/REM for V4
1 Tender Body INJ/REM for V4
1 K4 Sapling with Head Morph
All Maps
Material Options:
1 Full Base (ea)
2 Head Options (ea)
2 Eye Colors (ea)
2 Mouth Options (ea)
4 Hair Leaf Options (V4)
4 Leg Leaf Options (V4)
2 Acorn Options (K4)
Old Oak Head for M4s
Old Oak Feet for M4 (left and right)
Old Oak Hands for M4 (left and right)
Tender Feet for V4 (left and right)
Tender Feet Leaves for V4 (left and right)
Sapling Head for K4
Sapling Feet for K4 (left and right)
40 Various Poses (ea)
9 Hand Poses for M4 (left and right)
Old Oak Foot Twigs (left and right)
Old Oak Hand Twigs (left and right)
Old Oak Head Twigs
Tender Leafy Hairs
Textures Include:
48 Texture, Transparency and Bump Maps (512 x 512 to 4096 x 4096)
Poser Material Presets (.PZ2)
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