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TerraFirma 5: The Road Ahead
Mortem Vetus are very proud to present TerraFirma5: The Road Ahead. This huge morph expansion pack for TerraDome2 allows you to carve roads and rivers that go over the hills and far away. Set foot on The Road Ahead and let it lead you to new vistas of discovery within TerraDome2. Follow the paths wherever they lead and add a new dimension to TerraDome2.

This pack contains 102 unique morphs for TerraDome2, which are comprised of 51 'Primary' morphs, and 51 'Secondary' morphs. The Primary morphs are the main carving morphs, setting out where roads and rivers will run, while the Secondary morphs, compliment and subtly enhance the Primary morphs. Roads and rivers can be sculpted across almost any terrain that's already been dialled up. Roads can be added to run over the surface of the terrain, or alternatively, carved through valleys and channels in the same process as creating rivers using these morphs.

All the morphs in this set are orientated around 0,0,0 and go in the following directions: North to South, East to West, North-East to South-West, and North-West to South-East. All widths and directions have straight and crooked paths, for a variety of arrangements.

This pack contains an HTML User Guide that shows the various parts and how to use them to create roads and rivers, and the different ways of doing them.
This pack is amazing amounts of fun, and keeps being able to do more than we thought it would. Once we have enough new things about this pack, we'll compile them into a supplemental user guide.
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