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Ultima Mortis
Mortem Vetus are very proud to present Ultima Mortis for Michael4. This original and distinctive set features not only the outfit, Robe, Hood, Belt and Hourglass, but also a complete replacement head for M4. We didn't feel this could be morphed from the existing geometry, so we replaced everything from M4's neck up.

The outfit consists of Robe, Hood Belt and Hourglass. The Hourglass has three versions, one hung from the belt, and one for each hand. The chains on the hourglass are set up with Easy Pose dials to create smooth even curves.

Of course any self respecting Grim Reaper needs a scythe for the reaping of souls, and we've given him one for each hand.

All the outfit pieces come with a small selection of materials. These are dark and sombre, as we're fairly sure Death doesn't do bold, bright colours.

This set comes with a html User Guide.
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